12 Sursees I Discovered When I Visited a Friend

I love traveling and visiting friends in other places. It helps me to stay fresh. It mixes things up for me and helps me think new thoughts and it just plain encourages me.  Oh, the Sursees I See!

I get new recipes.

New decorating tricks.

New ways to think about Jesus.

But, the best part of visiting a friend is the after, when I get home, and I put into practice some of the hospitality tricks I learned, or try the decorating tips I saw, or I  just take a different spin in my day.

My other favoritest thing is now, when I picture my friend in her home, I can really see her in my mind.  I see her  standing at her kitchen sink, and now I know what that looks like.  Or I see her in my mind, sitting down at her dining room table reading her scripture with her big, white mug full of her morning coffee.

Ter and Les

I recently visited my friend, Terri.  I have known her since college days.  She remembers me asking her after a YL meeting to sit down on a bench on the UT campus and tell me her whole life story.  I remember thinking I wanted to get to know that gal with the red hair.  I saw something in her that I wanted to know and know.  She did not disappoint.  We are coming up on 34+ years of friendship with some ebb and flow in there when we had our kids and were so, so busy.  There is still much to know.

I thought of you reader when I was out there. I thought, I need photos of all the goodies in this gal’s home to share with my readers.  So here is a tour of my weekend.  Here are the SURSEES  I found to delight you.

New recipes and ways to eat

roasted veggies

She roasted veggies for our dinner, and I loved the combo she used.

Red Onion + Green Beans + Sliced Mushrooms + Asparagus + Olive Oil + S&P

Bake at 375 till the veggies look good and done in a roasting pan.  Around 20 minutes.  Yummy.  Easy.

Pretty Dish Below A Soap Dispenser

Soap dish and soap


She had cool soap dispensers in the bathrooms with little dishes under them.  I am putting fun soap on my list. She also had some of her soap in an old mason jars with the pump top you can find at Target.  Making something useful beautiful = Sursee time.

Glass Canisters to Show Off What I am Storing

glass canisters

I love that my sugar packets or granola bars can become a decorating item.  I love the way it looks and how it helps keep things tidy.

Little Pitchers Collected and Displayed and Really Used

white pitcher collection

Terri collect these and also really uses them. She sets out a pitcher each night when she closes up her kitchen and then fills it in the morning with her Half and Half.  Love that little Sursee.

Little creamer

She also writes beautifully and she named her blog after these White Pitchers…go check her out .  You will love her writing style and the things she thinks and writes about; they are a feast for the eyes and the soul.

Loving Cups

loving cup collection

Yes.  Loving these.  All by themselves.  Loads of stories in these.  I also have a friend who uses her Loving Cup to store silverware on her buffet line.  Brilliant.

Small cloche with a scene


Terri had several of these, but this was my favorite.  Sitting on a little shelf in the bathroom.  Nice.

Porch swing with a twist

porch swing

I sat on this extra deep swing and chatted with Terri on a beautiful April afternoon.  Heaven.  Want one.  I guess I need a covered porch first.


Urns on a silver tray


I love how Terri displayed the things she loved.  I don’t have any urns. But now I want some!  I loved the little globe nestled into the urn in the back.

Lamp Love

I love lamps and all the color and texture and light they add to the room.  Terri had a bunch; everywhere I looked there was a lamp or a pair, lighting up the corner or the table or the hall.  Thought you might like to see them.

Lamp 4

 lamp 3 lamp 5 lamp in hallway Lamp sursee Lamps 2

A Great Way to Display Loads of Photos

cute way to hang loads of pics

I love this on so many levels.  First it was fun to look at all of her pics.  Second, I want one of these so I can hang loads of pics in one fell swoop. Beauty! She even used cute clothes pins. AHHH>

A Great Way to Display Kids’ ArtHow to hang kids' art

Teri just bought frames from Target and framed pieces of her kids’ art.  She took samples and snippets and placed them on a unifying background color.   Love how she smushed all the frames together to make one gigantic art piece.  Memories and snippets of great art- how awesome is that?

Paint Color Ideas

Island paint color

Check out this gorgeous blue on her island. She used to have a black base and wanted to add some blue-

Loverly.  When I am thinking about painting, it always helps me to see it live and in person in a friend’s house.  The pumpkin color in my den- My friend, Lisa.  The Silver sage in the bathroom-saw in Restoration Hardware.  I love this Sherwin Williams Moody Blue, and it just might show up in the great remodel of 2016.

What do you learn when you go visit a friend?  She doesn’t have to be far away- maybe she lives across town or across the street.  We can learn from one another.   What hints do you come home with and put into practice?

Do share, I would love to hear. And oh, may I come visit you?  I would love to see your digs, too.  xoxo



  1. White pitchers! Love seeing all these glimpses into Terri’s life too and you gave me some great ideas. I always love the Scripture that Ashley C. has on her fridge right by where she washes her dishes–that encouraged me to do that in my home so I can practice Scripture. Love good friends!

  2. Love that idea from Ash. I need to come see your house. Know I will find loads of sursees!???

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