A Muddledeeglum Day

Leslie, Are you having a Muddledeeglum Day?

Clouds over the mountain

Is that not an awesome made-up word?  A friend shared this word with me, and I love it.  You know I love made up words and this one is perfecto.

  What does it mean exactly you might be asking?

Well, it is that bluesy, kinda sad-sad feeling you get somedays.  Things just are not working out and your face kind of shows it.  (If you’re happy and you know it)

Maybe it is a day when you are pondering bigger things.  Pondering apart from Him and what you know to be true. Not a good idea.

Maybe it is a day when you are looking into the future and wondering what if? or what then?  Also apart from Him.  Not a good plan, but don’t we all do it?

Cloud cover beginning to lift…

So, now we have a word to describe this kind of blah, bleacky, ugh-mo feeling.  It is always better when we can name it.  Muddledeeglum.  Muddledeeglum.   Naming takes away the control.  Reminds us who we are in Christ.

So what is the cure to a muddledeeglum day?

I believe it is turning back to the Word and reminding ourselves what we know is true. Replacing Muddledeeglum thoughts with thoughts that come from Him.

Sparkly, shiny day is here
We are loved.
We are beautiful.
We are set apart.
We are his daughters and sons.


So next time you have a muddledeeglum kind of day.  Remember to go back to what you KNOW is true and watch that Muddledeeglum day turn into a day of SURSEEdeeglee!

In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.  He was with God in the beginning.  John 1:1

My favorite view in the morning


  1. Thank you! Needed to hear those words…why do I waste so much time “pondering things apart from Him?” Good to read and be reminded!

  2. Thank you, Ashley. I am right there with you wasting time, but now we can encourage one another! xoxo

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