A new idea for a drink

Ok, I don’t know about y’all, but sometimes I get a little bored with water to drink.  I know we are supposed to drink eight 8 oz glasses of H2O, but sometimes I just need something snazzier to sip.  So here are a few of my recent favs.  A little Sippin’ Sursee for you.  That reminds me of a song we sang in elementary school about sipping cider through a straw…a sursee for anyone who can remember that…
But I digress…

Here is the first drink I found.  It has100% juice in it, and it only has 100 calories.  #4 Son likes it.  Great for lunches and you get a serving of your fruit and veggies from it.

Ok, to be honest, I like this one better.  It has sparkling water in it.  Light and refreshing.  I feel like I’m drinking something special.  Calorie count 60!  It is a combined serving of  fruits and veggies.  More flavors available.  Girlfriend Seal of approval received.

This little puppy is my pick-me-up in the afternoon.  At only 30 calories and 5.5 fluid ounces it is the perfect little snicky-snack when you have the thungries (that is code for Thirsty And Hungry)Husband is taking to work for afternoon snack. Woo-Hoo!

Here is another delightful drink.  Blackberry Pomegranate Green Tea.  Ready to mix up and make a glass of joy when you need it. Yummy-yum.

Here are my pretty purple flowers in striped magnificence after the cool and rainy weather we have been having.  Just had to show you how loverly they are.  They lasted all throughout the hot summer and did pretty well.  They like the shade if you need some color for your shade.

Last drink idea is: Water.  With a lemon slice. Or a lime slice.  It does hit the spot, and I am trying to drink my 8 glasses a day, not to worry.

What do you like to drink to spice things up?
When we get to wear sweaters, I will share my hot beverage ideas for you.  But not until then.

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