A new SURSEE coming!

I am working right now on a new look for SURSEE.  I have actually bought a domain and will be moving soon to Sursee Gal. Yay!
When I thought of buying my own domain it seemed like such a huge step…but here I am about to take that step of faith.  It is a step of faith to say that this matters to me- this writing, this trying to reach out to you with words.  To write merely to glorify Him and make His name known. To write whether or not anyone is reading.

I realized that I have always been writing- from elementary school days when I worked on the school newspaper to writing letters to folks back in Dallas when I lived in New Mexico in the summer.  In high school I  worked on the yearbook and  I wrote my own College Guide when I headed off to college. Like I really knew what to do- ha! These days I would have made that into an Ebook.  Ahh, times are a changing.  Now it just sits in a file folder waiting to be brought to life.  Someday, maybe.

When I was newly married, I wrote a pass-along newsletter and snail mailed it to two friends who read it, then added their own thoughts, DIYs and recipes and then mailed it on.  I wish I had a copy of that!
Scrapbooking and writing were a must for me as we started our family.  I am still trying to finish up each of the boys’ lives in their scrapbooks.

 As an aside, I do like the idea of the electronic photo album, but I would encourage the younger moms to write things in their own handwriting to save for their kids.  It will be a priceless gift you can give them.
So the Lord has shown me that I have always loved writing and this leads me to the new look for Sursee.  One of the fun aspects of desigining my new site was looking at color palettes.  Do you know what that is?  A color pallette is used by artists and decoraters to help keep you from straying and using every color in the rainbow on your project.  My awesome designer, Jennifer sent me to this wonderful site to pick my palette.  So, if you have like a hundred thousand hours, go over and check it out.  Visual candy.  A feast for the eyes.  The designer of this website takes a

from the Design Seed website-gorgeous!

photo of something beautiful and then pulls out six colors to use as a pallete.  This is a job, people.  I am signing up.

I finally picked a palette and font and am excited for Sursee Gal to be born, soon.  What would you like to see there?  I would love ideas about what you think would be  a great SURSEE to read.


  1. Ashley Cating says:

    EXCITING! Can’t wait to see the new site!

  2. Leslie–the new website looks AMAZING!! I love it, and all the colors are beautiful. Great job on all your hard work–I know there was A TON! But done with joy nonetheless! Thanks for being my sweet “rookie” blogging friend!

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