A Party in a Day!

A party in a day sounds crazy, but really it was crazy fun.  I was throwing a party and the details changed, and I had to plan it in a day and decided I could do it with a little help from others.  That would be Central Market and Whole Foods.

Sunday night needed to plan a menu.
Drop by CM and WF and taste some salads.  Pick one. No running around.  Choose and move on.

Monday am.  Go Pick up:

Tarragon Chicken Salad.

Marconi almonds, I will take those for fun.  Yum, they are good.

Dessert…friend loves cheesecake. I will take that one. Very chocolate.

Pick up bread.  I love the Sea Salt Ciabatta bread at WF.

Choose flowers- yes orange is spunky fun for a fab 50 year old friend.

Get home.

Make a pasta salad with tomatoes, basil and fresh mozzarella.

Hmm..need one more salad…green salad with my good friend’s dressing and candied pecans.

Iron napkins.  Set table.

Party favor- rosemary leaves in a baggie, tie on a name and voila- I have place cards.

Make a signature cocktail- no jigger-no prob- google how many tablespoons a 1/4 oz is…thank you, Google.


Make an easy appetizer that I have made a billion times.

How about some guacamole…yes, thank you, I will.

Set it all out.

Friends arrive.  Ahhh. A party in a day. No prob.

Sounded impossible, but so doable with a little help.
Didn’t think about things too much.
Did what I could, bought the rest.
Didn’t worry.
No over the top recipes.
Spent time praying over who was coming.

It really is all about the conversation and friends.

I will do a party in a day again.

Try it sometime.

No pictures this time.  Use your imagination.


  1. need these recipes!! sounds so yummy!!!

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