Accepting a Compliment Is An Art Form

accepting a compliment is an art form

Dear friends,

A good friend sent this to me the other day, and I  just had to share.  What do you do when someone compliments you? How do you respond? I love this answer below, and I hope that it helps you the next time you are complimented.  A Sursee for you. Actually, this is the way to give the most awesome Sursee of a completed loop.  See below for  the scoop.

Learn to accept compliments graciously and authentically. Most of us are awful at it! I call this “Narcissism Phobia.” Narcissism phobia occurs when you are uncomfortable when someone notices your success, your courage or your kindness. You might not enjoy being in the spotlight. Or you may be concerned that someone will think you have a big head. Or you simply may not think the affirmation is true about you (“If they knew the real me”). So you dismiss (“aw shucks”), deflect (“it was the team, it wasn’t just me) or divert (“anyway, so how have you been?”). But here’s the problem. You aren’t allowing someone the benefit of feeling appreciated for your compliment. It’s a disconnect for them. Think how you feel when someone does the “aw shucks” with you, after you have gone to the trouble to tell them how much you like what they did? I’ll bet if left you feeling a bit empty. So you aren’t being selfish when you say, “Thanks, I appreciate it, yes, it felt great to see the results of the project.” You are closing the loop of gratitude. Take it and let it feel good for both of you, and connect the two of you together. Get cured of narcissism phobia.                            John Townsend


May you close the loop of gratitude today and give someone a Sursee.



  1. This is so me. I have narcissism phobia. So thankful you shared this so I can think differently and close the loop of gratitude. Thanks Leslie for sharing!

    • Leslie says:

      I suffer with this, too, gal. I just loved what he wrote about being able to close that loop. Just made so much sense to me. Let’s start doing that, gal. xoxo

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