I just saw that my first year of blogging is over and I haven’t blogged in awhile.  Ackk!

I made a resolution (Note: I love to make New Year’s Resolutions for myself and others, more about that in another blog) this year to blog at least one time a week.  Well, now we are in week three, and I have yet to blog. Ackk!

This year I resolve: to get it out.  Get it going. See if this blogging thing is for me.  Stop comparing, perfecting. No more waiting to push publish. Even when I feel like it is not quite done or not fleshed out just right. Or, wait maybe there is one more example I should use.

Ackk!  Just push publish!

So here goes.  More to come.

The Sursee for today is to start and not worry about perfect!  Ackk!

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