Allume Sursees

I am still processing what I learned at Allume.  One way I thought I could do that would be to share some of the little SURSEES that I found whilst I was there.



Eucharesteo Necklace.  Check out this beautiful Eucharesteo necklace    My new friend Jennifer Murray, writes over there and said that her family makes these.  Go over and get one…might have to wait as they are out, but don’t forget.  Isn’t it sweet? A little SURSEE for your neck.

 Meeting Edie Wadsworth.  You might not know who she is but she is an amazing writer who writes at Life in Grace, and I feel like she is a sistah, a kindred spirit, a friend.   So it was my delight to meet her and get to chat with her briefly at the conference.  I tried not to act like a stalker, but kind of felt like one as the days proceeded.  Good lesson learned by me is that it helps to give someone your correct cell phone # when you ask them to connect later.  I was able to recover from that bonk and spend a few minutes with her.  The great thing about Edie is in real life she is just exactly like you pictured her in your head.  All those imaginary conversations I had with her as I read her writing were just like the real thing.  That was a SURSEE for sure.


Books Galore. Woo-Hoo- I got so many new books, they have practically filled up an empty bookshelf in my bedroom.  The first night when we sat at our tables, this was sitting in our chairs.

Ann Voskamp's new Christmas Devotional

Ann Voskamp’s new Christmas Devotional

That was a pretty sweet Sursee, and one that I will begin in December.  More on that one later because I think you might need one, too.

Speaking of Ann, I got to meet her and she is beautiful and TALL!  She was gracious and warm to all of us who stood in lines all weekend to meet her, and I felt a little sorry for her as I am sure that was exhausting.  I took this picture to show her SURSEE boots with mine.

Rockin the boots with Ann

Happy Feet with Ann Voskamp

Great Quote.  In one of the breakout sessions, Laura Parker had this and other great quotes in her handouts.  The session was all about what keeps you from stepping out into the arena God has for you.  I loved this quote:

Fear isn’t only a guide to keep us safe; it’s also a manipulative emotion that can trick us into living a boring life…the great stories go to those who’d don’t give into fear.  

Donald Miller

Great Quote

Go check out Laura’s blog and her ministry, The Exodus Road.  Very amazing.

So those are a few of the SURSEES that I saw and found and experienced. Many more are mulling around in my mind and I might be sharing them later down the road.  Ta-ta for now.





  1. You are such a sweet thing!! Honestly, you and Maureen just delighted my heart. Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to me that night; I ADORED bumping into the rest of the weekend. {By the way, when we arrived at the hotel, Edie climbed into the elevator with me and I almost fell over. LOL!}
    Such a FUN weekend!!
    Have a beautiful day, friend!!

  2. So fun to read this and relive it as I read! 🙂 Love all your sursee references. A truly remarkable weekend… boots, books and all! 🙂

  3. Allume seemed to be such a great collection of special surprises! I am SO there next year. And I love that necklace.

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