An Artist I love right now: Ben Johnson Music Factory

For those of you who don’t already know, our second son, Ben, is a songwriter.  He is living in Austin and writing beautiful piano music.  He has written and produced two CDs. Yay!

Ben has a vision of writing peaceful piano music for a world that is rushing around crazy-like.
His website is fun to explore and he explains, very patiently I might add,  all the ways you can purchase or download his music.

He also has written background information about his songs on his blog.  I always love to read about what an artist was thinking about when they wrote a piece of music.

In his second album, Sounds of Austin, he recorded sounds all over Austin and then wrote an original song dedicated to the place. I really like this song:
Together Again at Barton Springs.  Love hearing the splashing and talking and sounds with the music woven in and out.  Recently, KUT in Austin interviewed him and this Interview was on the air last week.  We are so proud of Ben.

Lastly, I want to show you one of his videos.  Over on Youtube, Ben has recorded several videos of himself  playing his music.  Go check it out.  He also teaches you how to play the piece if you are interested.  Here he is playing Picnic at Hamilton Pool.

Right now he is working on a Christmas album and would love your input.  Go on over and let him know what songs you would like to hear.

What a SURSEE that is- to be able to actually have a say in what goes into a record.  Fun! What Christmas song would you ask him to record?

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