As Time Goes By

I saw something the other day in my house that made me smile.

“Kevin is cool”

He had carved into my hutch in the kitchen, years ago, when the hutch was still pretty new.

Did he think I wasn’t going to see it? Or that I wouldn’t know who did it?

I vaguely remember this making me upset.

I can’t remember what consequence I gave him.

I think I was really irked at him.   Now, it makes me smile and remember days gone by.

Doesn’t time always give us a little perspective? I need that perspective now with four older boys.

What is happening today that tomorrow, will make me smile and remember?

What thing is really freaking me out that will soon be put in perspective?

What is making me mad and, with a little time gone by, I will see it more clearly?

It won’t be such a big deal.

Lord, give me Your eyes to see You working all around me.  All the time.  I want to see the Sursees of the good and the bad.  Teach me how to thank in all things and wait to see things the way You see them.


  1. Oh that’s so good! Great perspective for us new moms. Just thinking tonight about why I don’t show more enjoyment than frustration with my boys. Thanks for the reminder to relax!

  2. Chill and relax- you won’t be sorry when they are grown that you did that! xoxo

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