August is the New January

August is the new January.

Are you with me?  Does August bring a spring to your step as you think about new possibilities and starting over as summer comes to a blistering halt and the first puff of Fall comes?

I remember when Craig and I were first married and working with the high school kids at our church, we chaperoned a Labor Day getaway to the Frio River.  That Saturday night a storm blew in and cooled us off and blew the last vestiges of summer away.  What a weekend.  What a great start to Fall!

I feel the freshness of a new year in August with back to school sales and the starting of the school year.  New Bible studies begin, classes start everywhere as people come back from mountain retreats and lake house porches to start a new year.  Kids have grown up over the summer and enter new grades and life begins with a new rhythm, leaving the lazy dog days of summer behind.

Fall brings new smells and  the promise of new beginnings.  Something about those back to school sales and rows and rows of supplies all standing like little soldiers in the aisles of Target make me happy and ready to go!

Sometimes I like to call August  the new January.  As you know I love New Year”s Resolutions, but I am not always the best at keeping them.  But I do like making them.  This year my main resolution was to Rest and Receive, and I think I have been doing a pretty good job of that.  I finished up my year commitment on staff in Ministry to Women at my church and have had a pretty free July and August.  We have spent sometime in the mountains, and I have enjoyed sweet time with our grown kids.  I’ve been doodling and journaling and thinking and praying about all the ideas He has put on my heart.

We are now a little more than halfway through 2017, but I feel like it is a new year with new beginnings.   What kind of beginnings are you thinking and dreaming about?  Do you feel it in the air like me?

Maybe you are going to take a new class.  I am thinking about taking this class.  Doesn’t that look fun?  Wanna join me?

Maybe you are going to start a new Bible study or small group.  Maybe you are heading out on the adventure of homeschooling or another year of the same old, but your kids are entering a new era—a new school- a fresh middle school- the first of high school- or could it be sending your first off to college?

I think it is nice to take this time to check on our goals or dreams.  What kind of adventures do you want for the second half of 2017?

Where do you want to grow?

What did you say you were going to be doing back in January and how are you doing with that goal?

Can you find a friend and share with them where you are and where you want to be?  Accountability does wonders for keeping those dreams alive.

I am thinking through all sorts of plans, schemes and dreams.  It feels fresh and new right now, and I embrace it all.  A time for looking for Sursees.

A new school year, a new beginning for us all.  Share what you are about to start or where you want to grow here in the comments or with your people. Here’s to August being the new January! xoxo


  1. “If I could give you a bouquet of freshened sharpened pencils I would…” ny152 (You’ve Got Mail)! I agree…this time of year holds so much hope, fresh dreams, and clean slates. I’m looking forward to walking in more truth and freedom this year. Loving my Armor of God Bible Study and I’m sharing all that I’m learning with my kids too so I’m praying we all grow more this year to understand who we are in Christ and the amazing power and resources we have to live FREE!

  2. Along with continuing to read my chronological Bible-4th year!-I recently bought a planner called the “Sacred Ordinary Day” planner. It follows the Church liturgical year with readings each day and then space to write out priorities, schedules, to do’s, doodles, etc. I realize that I need pen and paper more than a digital calendar. 🙂 And in a funny little Sursee kind of way I think your friend Terri Conlin also uses it! The company sent an email highlighting a person who is using the planner and I’m pretty sure it was your friend who I remember you lived with in the yellow banana house. (Maybe? Am I remembering correctly??)

    • Yes gal, that is Terri! She and I did YL together and lived in the Sweat Box and Nanner Manor! Her Blog, white, is amazing…check her out. So good to hear from you and I love that you use the Sacred Ordinary Days planner. And that you are reading the Chronological Bible. That really encourages me. We need a phone chat and soon! xoxo

      • would love a chat! i am pretty flexible-most afternoons between 1-3pm work. Or can make it work with your schedule. let me know some good times.
        Nanner Manor! of course! i was at least in the general vicinity with “yellow banana house!”

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