Books That I Am Reading :: A Fall Reading List

I love reading, and I usually have about twenty-thousand books that I am reading.  At the same time. You, too?  I have a huge stack on my night stand, by the phone, on my Kindle, and in my Creative Room.  I guess I feel like buying and stacking books equals- Reading.  I think this is why I never have anything in the menu drop-down about what I am reading- because I never finish any one book!   I just keep starting a new one.

I think that is why I love the idea of a Kindle.  You can have all different kinds of books on the Kindle and be ready for what ever you are into at the time when you have a minute to read.  Kid literature? Check.

Mystery.  There.

How-to or Christian living?  On the Kindle.

With my Kindle it is easy to flit back and forth between genres and not be worried.  Especially when I travel.  No more wagging a thousand books in my carry-on for all the whims of my reading.  Now it is all on the Kindle.

But, now back to  what am I reading right now.   I am reading this book by Linda Dillow with my Mom Hearts.

Satisfy My Thirsty Soul

Satisfy My Thirsty Soul is great book on getting to know God and worshipping Him.  One of her thoughts is this:

A good definition of worship is: an active response to God that declares His worth.  Linda Dillow.

Excited about what we are going to learn about worship together.  Will share along the way.

I am reading this next book because I love kid literature, want to review it here on Sursee Gal, and felt like I needed to refresh myself on the story; it is so magical and good.  More on Gone Away Lake later.

Gone Away Lake

(Finished it, by the way, so I get a gold star!)

Speaking of enjoying kid lit made me think of this author and book which I am also savoring.

Happier at Home

She is the first person who admitted to loving kid lit as an adult.  I am so there, but was embarrassed about that.  Wanted to like the big grown up stuff, which I do, but I also enjoy a good children’s book.  CS Lewis says it well when he writes:

“A children’s story that can only be enjoyed by children is not a good children’s story in the slightest.”

Gretchen Rubin started a book club for Children’s Literature.  What a wonderful idea.  There are so many great children’s books that I would love to read again as an adult.

Oops, I got off subject which happens when I start talking about reading.

This book, Happier at Home,  is all about her journey of dedicating a year to make her home an energizing and calming place.  I like reading through her ideas of how to do that and am inspired with the little Sursees she shares.  Go check it out and start your own Happiness Project.

So this What Books I am Reading  post is all about variety and the spice of life.  It is all about starting one book and picking up another.  It is all about finishing what you start.  Haivng a goal.  Enjoying the ride.  It is the this and that approach to reading that I love and why it is so hard sometimes to tell you what I am reading.  Stay tuned for more Books I am Reading posts where I smush them all together for an awesome Sursee.

What are you reading right now?  Do tell.




  1. we read “gone away lake” to the kids this summer-loved it!!!
    am reading “interrupted” by jen hatmaker, “the silver star” by jeannette walls for book club, “50 children” about a jewish-american couple who rescued 50 jewish children from vienna in 1939 and “homemade life”-memoir/recipes. i, too, always have a book in every room ready to go!

  2. Oh, I love hearing what you are reading!! I think I want to read the 50 children book- sounds good! I also am intrigued by the homemade life- life food and memoirs. Yummy fun. Happy Bday late!!!

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