Buy what you love

My four fun chairs in the living room.

One of my mantras is, “Buy What You Love.”

This works with clothes.

Fabric for decorating.



I have found that when I bought it when I loved it, it fit!  Into a room, a scheme, my closet, my life.

 I remember waaaay back when I was picking fabric to cover my entry hall wall (yes-that used to be a fab idea and it looked pretty neat) I belabored over which fabric to chose. My friend, said, “Buy what you love!”  And she was right. I bought this pretty fabric that was feminine and floral and yummy.  I loved it when it was up on the wall and was never sad about that decision.

Not sure why this works, but it does.  I guess, if you love it, it works.

So~ go out and Buy What You Love and don’t look back.

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