Christmas Cards :: Ghosts of Christmas Past

I put my last card in the mail today.  December 23rd.  They should get there by Christmas.  I ordered more than last year and still have a few more folks that I would have liked to have sent one to. Happens every year.

 I wanted to share today a card I found at the antique mall out by my mom:

Christmas Card sursee
Isn’t it beautiful?  I love the thick card stock on which it is printed .  The sweet picture on the front with the children and the home and the little girl’s red coat.  So inviting.  Christmas Card Sursee 2
But, the best part of my card is the back with its spidery handwriting and the date 1924! Can you imagine in 2098 someone reading one of your cards after they purchased it an antique store?
What is so dear about this card is the handwritten poem.
I don’t even sign my cards.
“If I should use a thousand words,
In which my message to express,
They would repeat o’er and o’er,
I wish you joy and happiness.
I wish for your gladness,
As Xmas bells ring,
All the bright blessings,
These Holidays bring.”
Did the author write different poems on each card she sent?
I love, love, love getting cards at Christmas.  All the familiar faces and families that check in this month with a picture, sometimes a story or words of wisdom or a joke!
 I am always encouraged by what people are learning and how their faith is holding strong.
So here is to the Christmas Card~
whether you create it or buy it.
Hand address or computer label it.
Christmas letter or no.
You are reaching out  across the miles, and I cheer you!
Thank you for the Sursee you gave me today when I opened your card.
Merry Christmas, all

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