Cutting another arm off- Kids leaving for college

Ok, we did it.  Craig and I dropped off #3 son.  Ryan Painter is settled into Davis Hall, and we are here in Texas.  Mew.

A few things that I learned on this drop off are:

Tennessee is a very looooong state.

Eastern Tennessesee is pretty.

South Virgina is prettier.

I know why they call them The Great Smokey Mountains now.

There are a lot of trees in Virginny.

Dropping off #3 is a little easier, but you still have to fight the “If onlys..” and the “Did I tell hims?” Fight those….they don’t come from the Lord.

I have to trust the Lord is in control. Always.

I have to trust that He loves R much more than I do and can handle all the details of his life. Check.

I have to believe that He will fill in all the places that we missed.  He does.

I have to remember that the Holy Spirit  will speak into his life, even when we are separated by many miles, when I pray for him.  Yay!

I have to remember this isn’t the ending.

This is a new beginning of parenting with R.   I actually like this stage.

It is good and right.

Good and right for them to go off.  Good and right for them to struggle, have success, grow.  That was my mantra on the way home.  “This is good and right, this is good and right.”

I heard a mom say once that sending your kids off to college is like cutting off your arm.

And then sewing it back on every time they come home.  

And then ripping it off again.  

Hmmm…not pretty.  Makes me think of Beowulf and Grendel’s mother!

I have found that it is hard, but it is good and right.

The sursee for today?

You send them off and you see that it is good and right.

More on this later…


  1. So true, Leslie! I’m going to have Mitch read this…

    Love you!

  2. I can’t even begin to think about this…

  3. Hey, that is good because you don’t have to. God doesn’t give us grace for our imaginations! Be in your moments and don’t miss a single bit of those little boys! Miss you.

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