Declare Conference Here I come

I am going to a writing conference  next week called Declare and in order to get to know the others attending we were asked to answer these four questions.  I thought you guys might enjoy reading a little more about me, too.  Of course, I didn’t mention my love for the Lord, my fantastic sweetheart or my awesome guys here- you can read about them here.

Below you can find out my 4×4’s- things that are above and beyond those basics about Sursee Gal.

I would love to hear more about you, dear reader, if you want to answer any of these questions in the comments that would be a super Sursee for me!

Declare peeps, can’t wait to meet you soon.  So many great speakers and stuff going on- will be such fun.  Yay!


4 Things About Me

*I recharge in the mountains and am always enchanted with the rain clouds far off in the distance.  Never tire of watching the beauty God created in a thunderhead’s hazy curtain of water falling from heaven to the earth.Rain clouds

*I need chocolate covered almonds.  Has to be dark chocolate though.  Better brain food for sure.  Enjoying some even now whilst I write this.

*I dig mentoring.  And connecting people.  This counts as one thing.

*I love music.  Any kind.  Especially live performances.  I always cry at the beginning of a live production or concert and am giddy to be there.  Would love to be in a musical theater production again.

4 of My Endearing Quirks

*I love, love, love Big Tex at the Great State Fair of Texas and wept when he was destroyed recently.  I have loved him ever since I was a little girl and have to greet him when I first enter the fairgrounds every October. I try to pass on this love to all I know.

*Watching cooking shows makes me happy.  I like seeing the process begun and finished in 30 minutes in their magical kitchens, and I talk back to Ina, Giada and Ree like they are my friends.  Wait, are they not?

*I have a collection of small chairs hanging on my wall. Love them.

Sursee Gal Chair Collection

*I love the word ”gal” and will probably call you that when I get to know you.  I’m thinking that if you hear someone call you gal they know me. 

4 Things About My Blog and Writing

* I Love writing snail mail letters and receiving them in my own mail box.  There is just something warm and cozy about receiving a real letter in this day of digital.

* I started a “blog” that I sent through the mail back when my kids were little.   My two friends and I would write down on paper our thoughts and musings on life, attach recipes and fun things we were doing with our kids and then stuff it all in a brown envelope and mail it to the next gal.  Then she would write on it including her thoughts and ideas and mail it.  It was a great way to stay in touch and I consider it prehistoric blogging.

* I enjoy writing for gals my age and the ones coming behind.  I feel like I can mentor and encourage through my blog and that makes me happy.

* I love collaborating, having others to do things with me and am trying to figure out what that looks like in my bloggy world.  I think it would help keep me accountable and write more which is a good thing.

4 of My Favorite Things

* Gathering people together at my home, at the pool, for a creative day or on an adventure.  I like to plan things.

* Celebrating.  Anything.  Especially with food involved.  Good food, of course.  Often includes dancing.

* A good book to read.  So good that you parcel it out and read slowly so it won’t end too quickly.

Sursees.  Giving and receiving.  Love both kinds.

So that is my 4 x 4- would love to hear yours in the comments…xoxo





  1. WOOHOO!!! YAY!! Love every little thing about ya and am sooooo excited you will be at Declare again this year. Sad we won’t be roomies again, but thankful to have you in my life outside of the conference. You are a treasure and know others will be blessed to get to know you!

  2. You are a special treasure to me, too, gal. Couldn’t do this bloggy stuff without you. Thanks for all your handwork and podcasts and encouragement! xoxo

  3. Hello Leslie. Stopping by from the Declare linkup. I’m loving learning a few things about one another before we make our way to the conference. And I am super excited (and a bit nervous) for the conference. I fell in love with snail mail again when my husband and son were away doing military training. It really is a lost art and something I wish to do more of. I love your chairs. 🙂
    Love your heart to encourage those your age and those coming behind you. I am 45. I’ve so appreciated those who have and continue to mentor me and want to do the same for those coming behind me. I do hope we meet when in Declare. I will be waiting to hear the word “gal.” Blessings. Safe travels.

    • Dear Beth,
      Look forward to meeting you, too. I am a little nervous also. I think that is pretty normal.
      Can’t wait to hear more of your story. xoxo

  4. Hi Leslie, love reading your 4×4 and hope I get to meet you at the conference – I’m a local “gal” too 🙂 Look forward to checking out more on your blog. See you later this week! Kim Stewart.

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