Easy New Year’s Resolutions for Us All

Ok, I admit it.  I love New Year’s Resolutions.  I just love them.  People land either in my camp or they or waaaaaay over in another country with no resolutions. I love asking that question to people and seeing where they live.

For me there is something  special about starting over each year when we turn our calendars in January.

Fresh new calendars with no scribblings on them.  A time for making plans.  Looking ahead and seeing the promise of the year…  IMG_1789


So today, when I had my first morning that was not so hectic as three of the four boys are back out of the nest, I read through all my favorite blogs and read their ideas about goals and resolutions.  After each read, I thought, “Yes! That is what I want to do.”

And then I read the next one, and I thought,” Yes, that is what I want to do.”

Now, I am a little confused and wanting to make some resolutions for myself, and I am reminded of why I write this blog.  To inspire and create.  To encourage and infuse you to go and do.

So, let’s make some plans together shall we?

Let’s start with the goal to read God’s word.   I wrote about the great Chronological Bible and have started mine.  You?

How about we memorize God’s word?  I love this idea of Ann Voskamp’s to memorize together a little  or a lot.  Let’s do it gals.  Join me?  Let me know.

Can we make one exercise goal? I want to run a 5K.  This is the year.  Oh, and strengthen my back.  Wanna run with me?

One creative/stretching goal?   Not sure about this…could be the year to catch up on all my photo albums.  What are you going to do to stretch or create?

Some folks pick the one word for the year, so let’s do that, too.  Mine is going to be INVITE.  I want to invite people to join me in my resolutions.  Invite people to dinner.  To exercise.  To pray.  To trust.  Invite people into friendship and conversation.  I am setting the table of my life to invite people in to discover how good God is.  Join me?

The SURSEE of the new year is that we get to adjust and make plans.  We get to invite and dream and make goals.

 I would love to hear what you are thinking about goals and 2014.

I wanted to leave you with some links to what I have been reading on this subject from some of my fav bloggers.

Modern Mrs Darcy talks about a new way to set goals and a cool app here.  She also talks about the Jerry Seinfeld trick.

Edie Wadsworth talks about the one goal here.  Who are my neighbors and what are his/her needs?  This simplifies what my life calling is all about.  Love it.

Jeff Goins reminds us to show up, practice and give grace.    Yes, we can do this.

The Nester gives us her one word, here.

Here’s to a great 2014!




  1. I love New Year’s resolutions, too, and it’s so fun to hear other people’s thought process on this. Thanks for sharing your thoughts (and my post!)

    I just found Edie’s blog (through her home tour, like everyone else on Pinterest!) and it’s fun to see her again here, talking about something completely different. 🙂

    • Oh my, love that you are commenting on my blog. What an honor. I love that new app you mentioned- how are you liking it? I like the idea of going back to my goals during the year and seeing how I am doing. Thanks for the encouragement to do that And yes, I also love Edie- she is a big check plus in my book. Just like you!

  2. Such great ideas, Leslie! I am kinda liking the idea of taking that Shoot Fly Shoot photography class!

    • Oh yes, I would love to take that, too. You take it and then teach me? I will hold you accountable, gal. I think you would be really good at photography.

  3. I just love that you love resolutions! It fits you so well! I think I am somewhere in the middle–love it and can leave it too. But I am joining you reading the Chronological Bible–love it, and I am joining you to memorize Scripture!! And I do want to exercise consistently–specifically strengthen my back too–so I want to know what you are planning on doing to strengthen your back? I’ve been thinking a lot about a word–and guess what, I think you are going to love this. Sarah Mae has really encouraged me by choosing her husband as her word. I want to do that too. It’s scary to say that out loud. I will have to act and be held accountable now! I know I can count on you to help me with that! Love your encouragement…

    • I am digging all these ideas, gal. Yay for Chronological Bible and memory…Yay for exercise-we can talk about that. I am thinking of using a trainer once at the YMCA to get a plan, but I also found loads on the internet. And my fav is your HUSBAND word…makes me want to change my word! Ha. Will definitely be asking you about this in 2014. xoxo

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