EEK! I Pushed publish before I was ready!

Ok, game’s up. I pushed publish before I was ready.  Actually, I am not even sure what I pushed, but some of my half-written blogs became, well, written.  For all to see.  What a surprise, but not a SURSEE, by any means.

I do have a funny story to share about the name, SURSEE.  I was talking to a friend today who told me she looked the word, SURSEE, up in the dictionary after receiving a text from me where I used said word.  She informed me it is not in the dictionary, so she wasn’t sure what I was referring to in my text about her “SURSEE.”

Then she received an email from another gal who knows me about a SURSEE that she had won, and she thought, “There is that word again.” She peeled open the dictionary, again, to find the word.  Not there.

Today, I shared with her what it means. We laughed about how she had been looking it up wondering what it meant.  Now she knows.

Now back to five minutes ago.  I accidentally pushed publish and boom- there went all these half-written SURSEEs that were not ready to see YOU.  I panicked.  Sweated a little.  And then I figured out how to unpublish.  Yay!

One thing this taught me is I hold onto SURSEEs too long.  Afraid that they are not quite ready.  I am going to stop doing that.  Some of my half-written SURSEEs looked pretty good.  Part of this gig is for me to let go of perfection and say hello to it’s done.

Thanks for reading.  Let’s all use the word, SURSEE, and get it into the dictionary.  Who will you do a SURSEE for today?

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