Everybody Live :: Or how are you doing with your 2015 Goals?

Living well

Around here I have been doing some living.  I hope you have, too. It is already February and hopefully you haven’t forgotten your goals or dreams for 2015.  I feel like I have been battling one of my goals all last month.  The goal? To write on this here blog twice a week.  Well, I have not done that so much. So should I just give up the goal?

No, I will not.  And I won’t adjust my goal. I will just remember that Living is more important than blogging.  Or keeping up with my goal sheet.  Or my to-dos.

I have been living around here.  I have had college kids home.  Had a trip to halfway across the world.  Have had my mentoring gals over.  Have had one of my guys home for a week.  I have been decluttering and putting up Christmas and organizing and crafting and reading and exercising and finding a new doctor and trying new recipes.  I have been getting close to conquering my first pull-up  Yes, I have been living.  And I realized that I want to live before I blog.  Because if I am not living, there is nothing about which to blog.

Living well with yummy food

A simple lunch I ate in Bandung.

I want to ask you, are you living? Are you listening to what God is calling you to do and doing it before you do your to-do list? Hope so.  That is how we we will see the Sursees He has for us.  That is how we will truly live.  Join me?  Let’s write and talk about the Sursees of our living fully with God.  Would you share with us all what you are doing to live in the comments below?    I would love to hear.  xoxo

Living well  flowers

I don’t think I have ever seen these potted plants  flower like this.  Beauty.



  1. I love, love, love this reminder–I so need and want to live before my to do list. In fact, this week guess what I am making? A “what NOT to do” list! I think I need that more than the other! Thanks for encouraging me to walk in relationship with Him and my family before anything else! Love you!

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