Everybody Live Part 2 :: What Makes You Feel Alive?

Everybody Live 2

In Bye Bye Birdie, there is a scene where the Elvis- like character, Conrad Birdie, sings and dances to a song about living and all the cast does a fantastic song and dance number. Yay, baby. A friend recently reminded me of this scene and said she thinks about it when life is so daily and she wants to shout out, “Everybody Live!”

I think it goes along with the post I wrote about living and wondered if you needed Conrad to shout out to you, “Everybody Live!”

What helps you To Live…to live fully?  To live in the moment?  What makes you feel alive or gives you life or helps you to breathe or takes care of you or feeds your soul?

Isn’t it all the same thing?

No matter what we call it– let’s find it. Let’s find the things that make us come alive. Everybody Live!  Find that which breathes life into us or gives us breath or feeds our soul.

I think it looks different for all of us.  This idea used to stress me out.  I would think I should want to ‘x or y’, like my friend did.  I needed to copy her and do what she did to breathe, never stopping to think or ponder or ask the Lord, “What is it for me that fills my tanks?”

No more.  I am trying to see what it is that keeps me fresh, helps me come alive. Helps me to breathe.  I am asking Him what it might be. Show me, Lord.

Maybe it is music. Cranked up loud or played soothingly soft in the background.  Play it. Find it. Listen here, Listen there.  Let it help you expand and Live!

Maybe it is having a housekeeper once a week or once a month.  Pay them, enjoy the ability to have that in this season and don’t look back.

Maybe it is a walk in nature.Everybody Live

A haircut. A massage.  An early coffee date, alone.  An early coffee date with your sweetie.

Lunch with a friend.

A craft. A Work-Out and Sweating.

An art gallery stroll.

What Sursee is it that makes you say, “Yes. Yes, I love this.  I feel alive”?

Ask the Lord to help you figure this out, and then I encourage you my friend to: Do it, Experience it, Relish it and Tell us all about it.   It will encourage us all to Stop and Live when you Live.  Everybody Live!


Everybody Live 3

A photo from a ridiculous FebFashion challenge I am doing with some friends. My Parisian Chic!


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