Fall Sursee

Just a little idea for you to celebrate the first puffs of cool air.  I have to stop here and say I do love Fall.  I love the changes it brings- back to school, plaid, pencils, the first whiff of a fire in the air, cooler temps, new shoes, putting up the summer clothes and bringing out the fall sweaters and boots and corduroys…

Ahhh, fall.

Back to your celebration.  I have some fall floral picks I have bought over the years.  My trick to make these look special is to go out in the yard and cut off some branches from my bushes.  Then I just squish them down into the arrangement and voila- a Fall Sursee!

For some reason it makes the fake flowers look Real!  And kind of special.

Look closely and you can see the the little blackbird I tucked
in, too.  He is actually standing on a watermelon slice, and I had him out for summer.  I think he looks sweet perched in the fall foliage.

I also bought a plastic bag full of fake pumpkins, gourds and leaves last fall.  Here is what I did with them.  I also stuck in some branches from my Bridal Wreath Spirea and it looks terrifico.

As the branches dry out I can either replace with new greenery or leave the dried look.
If you don’t have any bushes in  your yard, walk down your alley and see what you can find.  Or go to your park and harvest a sursee.  Happy Fall!


  1. Dawn Manley says:

    You are so creative my sweet friend.

  2. Oh thanks, Dawn. xo

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