Flags- The Summer Sursee Decoration

Planting Flags 2

I love our nation’s flag.  The red and white stripes.  The star studded blue.  They are the perfect accessory to your outdoors.  They add a pop of color to your landscape and bring energy and fun as they wave in the breeze.  Nothing like it.

In the summer, I pop them in the ground.  In a pot.  Flags in a potNothing better than the red, white and blue outlining your garden beds.  So festive and patriotic.  Some little towns I know of decorate with big flags on Fourth of July- marching down the side of the road leading into town.  Wow, what a welcome.

Flags make me smile.  A perfect Summer Sursee.  Right up there with Morning Glories and kids with googles on at the swimming pool.  And  Cherry Limeades.  Oh, I could keep going.

Flags are not hard to find.  I have seen them at Target, Home Depot, Sample House and Lowe’s.  I am sure you could also get some on Amazon.  Yep, right here.

Buy a pack or two and plant them in the ground for A Happy Birthday to the USA and a celebration of Summer.


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