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flip flop a room

I love the word flip-flop.  It is so active and fun and celebratory.  I used it in this post about doing the hard things first in my day, and how that clicked with me.

Today I am going to use it to show an active way you can love your home.  Our little homes need our loving. And embracing.  We have been thinking about remodeling around here and of course like all good DIYers have been watching Fixer Upper.  Ack. Joanna is wonderful at coming in and blowin’ out those walls and making one great, big room.

I, for one, am not a fan of that.  I like my separate living room and den/kitchen area, but lately I have been thinking I might blow out the wall between said rooms. But then I had a Lightning Bolt moment and had this idea.

Why not Flip-Flop my dining room and my living room area?  

before flip flop

The before look as I had my Lightning Bolt Moment

I mentioned it to Craig and BAM! the next thing I knew we were flipping and flopping.  It didn’t take long to move the rug and the furniture, and it made so much sense.

flip flop (2)

Before whenever we had people over to eat, we had to put another table up, and the extra table would squish out of the dining room into the bigger living area.  Now, my little cozy circle of chairs is all snuggly in the smaller room, and I have room to put more tables up when we throw a big bash in my new Dining Room.

cozy room


I love it.  It makes sense.  Looks great. I was also able to add all my chairs to the chair wall.

chair wall

I am about to have my first big party with the flip-flopped rooms, and I think it is going to be dreamy to have all this room for extra tables.

more room for entertaining


The other big plus is I get to keep the separation the wall provides.  Different things can happen at the same time, and it won’t be so loud.  My little cozy circle just feels more inviting with the coffee bar behind it and lamps ready to glow in the early morning hours.


coffee bar

So my Sursee for you is, how can you love your home with a flip-flop?  Maybe it is a table you take from one room and put in another.  Maybe you flip a lamp with another.  Maybe, like me, it is a whole room or a kid’s room or hey,  you tell me.  I would love to hear.  Inspire me with the flip-flopping  you try.  xo


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