Good Bye, Big Tex!

When my friend and I got to the State Fair last week, I asked her if she minded if I mapped out our day.  She said go for it.  So we started where I always start.
Saying Hello to Big Tex!
Of course, we did the same.  A cheesy selfie- with us grinning like two school girls.  But that is how I always felt standing in front of my favorite oversized cowboy.

It was his birthday this year.  He turned 60! And I have memories of him for at least maybe 45 of those years.

“Meet at Big Tex!”

” Line up in front boys and let’s take a picture. ”

“Is he going to talk?”

” Hoooowdeeeee Fooolllks, Wel…..come to the……. State Fair…… of Texas! ”

 I Love Big Tex!

One year when the boys were little we were at Fair Park when they were building and dressing him with his fancy shirt and size 76 Denims.  It was such fun to be up close and personal with my friend.

And that is how we all feel about losing Big Tex….like we lost a friend.

I cried when I heard the news last week.  They say they will build him back better than ever.  I just hope he has the same lopsided body and goofy face and arms pointing the way to the Great State Fair.

I love riding the Texas Star….
….The Midway is glittery and raucous and loads of fun….

…. The Taffy booth has been there forever shucking out wax-wrapped squares for someone…

….The Tater Twisters are heavenly, grease-tinged bites of delish-ishness…


BIG TEX Rules !


  1. OK, you are our official “Texas state fair guide” next year…and we’ll get a picture and start new traditions with the new Big Tex…also hoping he looks like his old self!

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