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good egg
Handmade card by C Bayless Design
I talked about this phrase way back at the beginning of Sursee Gal, and I thought it might be fun to see it again.  I love thinking about the Good Eggs in my life- they are true Sursees.  So, read on to see what a Good Egg is….
Who or what  is a good egg?  First off, it is a who.  A good egg is someone you could describe as loyal, true, solid, stable- a stalwart character.  Isn’t that a great adjective you don’t hear much anymore: Stalwart.

Stalwart means: strong and brave; valiant, firm, steadfast, or uncompromising


Good eggs are those folks you can count on to come through in the crisis. The steady-eddy.  The gal you want on your team.  The friend who supports you in the clutch.  Not flashy.
I want those attributes. I want good eggs for my friends, friends for my kids.  I want teachers, co-workers, neighbors who are good eggs.
And I want to be a good egg.
How can you be a good egg to someone today?
Or maybe you can look around you and see who the good eggs in your life are and tell them.
“You are a good egg, and I appreciate you.”
 Wouldn’t that be a big Sursee you could give away  today for free?


  1. YOU are a good egg!!! xoxo

  2. I *think* I have heard that before… not to take away your creative genius or anything… 😉

  3. Carol Bayless says:

    My friend, you always bring that ‘Baker’s Dozen’ wow factor to all that you do, so I’ll happily go on record as a Good Egg wannabe. We all know what a rotten one smells like, so let’s not go there :).

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