Happiest of Mother’s Days

Thistles in Israel

Dear all,

Here is to you.  Happy Mother’s Day.   I am thankful that you take time out of your busy days to read what I write. To listen to what I say.  To look for the SURSEES in life with me.  Thanks, friends.

I pray that your Mother’s Day will find you thankful and hopeful and remembering that no Momma is perfect.

No Mommy gets it all right.

No Mama is doing everything, all the time.

No Mom has it all together.

But we are ALL held together in Him.  We can all trust Him to fill in the cracks of our mothering.  We can trust Him to love perfectly through us. We can know that He loves us and is cheering us on and picking us up when we fall down.

That is good news.  The Good News.  Thank you, Lord.  All of us Moms need to hear that today.

So today I encourage you to Do the Next Thing and trust Him with the rest.

Love well, those He has given to you.  Can you encourage another mom today to rest and remember these things?  What a great SURSEE to share this Mother’s Day.




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