Happy New Year!

Here it is 2013, and here I am thinking about resolutions and plans and schemes.

Boxed up Christmas today.  Felt good and it looks great.  Something about the year changing makes me want to get Christmas down and put up.  Did it, check.

Started my new Ann Voskamp devotional.

Started my Chronological Bible again.  Genesis 1:1.  Love it.  Love reading through the Bible like a novel. More about that later.

Bear and I are starting a project that I gave to him for a Christmas present.  The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin.  Starting today.  Has 12 chapters and each chapter has an overall theme with smaller goals in it.  We each have a journal and will read the book and then discuss and try to work on the goals for the month together.  I am excited.  More on this project later. (Imagine a picture of the book here.  Can’t get my Iphoto to work.  Ugh.)

Just had to check in and write- another goal for this year.  Plus, Number 2 son is blogging, too.  And he said he wrote something today.  So, I decided I needed to write, also.

Looking forward to 2013 and all that the Lord has for me.

Thanking Him for the gift of writing and the sursees waiting to be discovered this year.

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