Have You Ever…

…Used a Drop Cloth for a Curtain?
I have a large window in the dining room that needed a new window treatment.
January was the time to “Tackle a Nagging Project” ala the Happiness Project I am doing. (more on that later)
So, I tackled the curtains on January 31st!
You know what is funny about those nagging projects?   The reason you don’t start them is, you think it will take so, so long.
The reality is it didn’t take me long at all.  An afternoon.  An interrupted afternoon and a short evening.
Once I set my mind to it. Bam, it was done and hung.
I had heard of the idea of using a drop cloth and thought that sounded great.  But, I also wanted to use some fun, funky fabric. So I added the border of this great fabric to the bottom of my 9 x12 drop cloth from Lowes.

I love the pop of orange it added to the room and the great texture and funky swirly pattern.  The orange fabric was expensive, but the drop cloth was only $21.98.  I bought two drop cloths so that I would have two panels and they would look full and rich.  That is another lesson that I have learned over the years- don’t be chintzy when you create window treatments.  In the past I would have tried to get as little fabric and then been disappointed.

I think these drapes turned out pretty cute.

When I texted a picture of them to my friend she texted back:

“Love them. I am in a ‘use the most humble item in a new way’ phase.”

I asked her what she meant, and she gave the example of using landscape burlap for table cloths at an auction. Yes.  Sounds great.

So what “humble item in a new way SURSEE” have you discovered?  Do tell.

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