Have You Ever…

Put your pennies in a Coin Star machine?

I had not.  Until January 2nd, 2013. In the spirit of cleaning out and up and organizing, I decided to take all of our penny jars to our local grocery store Coin Star machine and get some Dollars for my change.

The Bear has jars back in our closet where each night he deposits the pennies from his pockets.  The jars are big and take a long time to fill.  But full they were.  Three of them.  I couldn’t even lift the one big pickle jar.  I had been wanting to trade these in for awhile but was held back because I knew the machine charged you to count your money.  But it was time.  Time to clean out and up.

  I had to ask Bonti X to help me carry them.

We loaded up our jars and drove to Albertsons.  We read the instructions on the machine and started dumping pennies into the hinged tray.  Fill the tray, lift it up and soon the machine is rattling and clacking as it counts.   Quickly full of pennies, the machine told us, “My you have a lot of change.  Please wait a minute.”

So we waited then dumped some more pennies in the tray.  It took a long time and the machine was rattling and clackety clacking as pennies were being stacked and counted inside.  Bonti X and I wondered if we would fill up the Coin Star machine with our offering.  How many pennies were already in there?

How many pennies does it hold?  It was rather loud as the machine clanked and groaned as it counted our coins.  A tab in the window kept telling us the new amount.  Bonti X and I tried to guess how many pennies we had as we watched the ticker counting off the coins.

I envisioned little gnomes inside the machine counting and stacking the pennies or rolling them into little paper cocoons.

After a loooong time the machine stopped whirring and clanking and spit out a receipt for our cold hard cash.

  What a treat, a sursee, to take home money for pennies.  What started out as worthless pennies ended up as money we were going to use to help a friend.

Empty jars.

Full pockets!

 We took home the empty jars excited about doing something new.  Have you ever used a Coin Star Machine?


  1. Why yes I have! I save up Ben’s pocket change and we visit the Coin Star before taking a getaway (just the two of us) It’s our fun spending money. And, one question…who is Bonti X? You’ll have to tell me the history behind that name…

  2. Bonti X is code name for one of the boys! Will tell you the story sometime.

    I love that you spend your money on your getaways- what a super idea.
    I might have to copy that the next time I use Coin Star.

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