I am Odd

I had a fun sursee the other day.  I was meeting a dear friend at La Mad for our monthly coffee, and as we got to the cash register, I reminded her that I was odd.  January was an odd month.  La Mad man stood patiently, waited, listened as we went back and forth talking about how I was odd and would pay this month and she was even and blah blah.  He held up two coffee cups and said, “Today is on me!”

 Whoo-Hoo! We felt special.  Rewarded.  “Surseed” (is that a word?!) All because we were given free coffee.  I hate to admit it, but it put a little spring in my step.  La Mad man spent very little to give two ladies a great day. It was simple, really.

What can I do to sursee someone with a gift of me, my time, my words?

How can my one kindness  change someone’s outlook?  Show me today, Lord, how I can make a difference with something simple.

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