I Love Popcorn Salt!

Didn’t know it existed.

Never used it.

A friend made popcorn the other day for her Bible study, and it was amazing.  This is the reason why.

She shook and shook and shook this puppy and the popcorn was divine!  All the gals at the meeting, nodded their heads and said, “Yes, she makes the best popcorn.”

One gal confessed, “We always have popcorn.”

“The kids at the meeting love the popcorn.” Such testimonials.  Such awesomeness from lowly popcorn.

I love homemade poppage, as we call it, over here.

We use the Detonater- we have had this popcorn popper for ages, and it is the Best.

I also have used this special, sassy oil.

Now, though, I am in popcorn heaven because this super fine salt actually sticks to the kernels. Yum-OH!

So run out and get some and change your life.

Popcorn really is a comfort food.

A Healthy food.

It is not often these can be the same thing.

I went home that day and made poppage for my gals that came over. Isn’t it great when we learn things from friends?

 Popcorn- a simple, easy snack for your next get together.  It just makes a normal day seem special. Can I get an Amen?

A Special Sursee.  Made even more special with Popcorn Salt.  Woo-Hoo!

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