Inbox Freedom

Yikes, I did something really crazy last week.  I deleted all the emails in my inbox. That’s right all of them!

It was a little scary, but I needed some help.  I had over 500 emails, and it was overwhelming and taxing.

So I decided to highlight them all and pushed Delete. Bam!  They were all gone, and I felt better.  I figured that:

A. Anyone who sent me something highly important would email me again when they didn’t hear from me.

B. Most things are not highly important, and I will never miss them.  It is kind of like the third bag you have when you are cleaning out your closet.  You throw stuff into it that you aren’t sure about, and then give yourself a week to see if you need it. Most times you never peer into that bag again and you end up giving it away.  Same with all those old emails! You won’t miss them.

And C. The trash on my computer holds all of these emails, and I can always search for the important one from school that had the book order list on it and drag it back into my Inbox.  (True Example)

So, if this summer your Inbox is inundated or you are overwhelmed with organizing it all, press delete, treat yourself to a empty inbox and start over.  Freedom!


  1. I just got a little anxious reading this!!!

  2. you inspire me in so many ways…i think i had a little anxiety attack as well. Right now I have 2097 unread messages. yep. i agree that i could probably find what I needed even if I deleted them and they went in the deleted items folder. maybe i’ll do it…maybe. =)

  3. Go for it gals! Freedom is waiting.

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