Israel Sursees


My head is still swimming  from our Israel trip.  Feel like I have been walking around in a foggy cloud this past week.  So much we saw and experienced; I am thinking it is going to drip out over a long time.  Thought I would share some of the simple Sursees that I saw while I was there.  This is a start.  Hope you enjoy.

Finding Olives

The leafy green of the olive tree.  I could always recognize it from the bus window by the silver sage leaves on the top.  Here is one I got to see close up and voila!  There are the olives.  I ate lots of olives on the trip. A salty snacky Sursee for sure.



Finding hearts in Israel

Loved spying this heart in the carving of a column found in the ruins of Capernaum.  I  experienced that you see what you are looking for while I was in Israel.  What do I look for?  Blessings?  Thankfuls?

love my Israeli ladybug

This little guy landed on me one morning by the Sea of Galilee.  Ladybugs in Israel.  A welcome little feller.  I ended up several days having a little ladybug on me.  So fun.  Reminded me of how things are the same everywhere in the world. Ladybugs fly around. People grow flowers.  Moms live life.  God is alive and working.


Beautiful door in Jerusalem

Loved this door.  The doors all over the Old City in Jerusalem were gorgeous, weathered and waiting to be opened.  I would have loved to open this one and see where it led. Ahh, another time.  Thought you might like to see it.


 Stylin Mom 

I thought this sign was too funny.  Such a chic little Momma!  Love her bathing suit and her fashionable hat.  Would have loved a copy of this retro warning sign, complete with the misspelling.


Sunset over the Sea of Galilee 

One of my many photos of the sun setting over the Sea of Galilee.  I was so enamored with the setting sun and how it cast its light across the water.  This lake was such a beautiful place, rich in stories.

I loved looking out across the lake and thinking Jesus saw this same view. Wow.  I could picture him going up on the hill across the lake to spend time praying.  Praying for you and for me who would live someday and need a Savior.

 In the early morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house, and went away to a secluded place, and was praying there.  Mark 1:35

Lord, help me to follow your example to get away and spend time with the Father.  To pray.  To think.  To rest in Him and His plans.  To trust.

Hope you liked some of my Simple SURSEES from Israel.  I have more to share.  Simple Sursees are easy to spot here, too. What are you seeing that is simple, yet is a SURSEE to share?  Do tell.


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