Kids’ Artwork for Thanksgiving- A Must Have Decoration

Thanksgiving art by kids 2


I am dashing this off to you in hopes that you will take a moment to engage your kids and their artistic talents for a little Thanksgiving Art.  The point here is it doesn’t have to take a lot of time.  Or supplies.  It doesn’t have to be Pinterest worthy.

Make some time this week or next to pick one, yes, I said ONE project to make with your kids for Thanksgiving.  And then be done.  Be satisfied.  Slow down and do the one thing.  Then save and enjoy the beauty of the piece when your kids are grown and gone.  These art projects are an awesome decoration for today and a stone of remembrance for you and your family tomorrow.

Here are some of our boys’ work.

Draw a picture of the first Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving art by kids

Write a paragraph about what you love about Thanksgiving and then decorate or illustrate.  They can dictate it to you when they are little or later they can write it out.

Check out a Fall craft book from the library and pick ONE craft to do.  I liked going to the Teacher Supply store in town and picking out a book to glean ideas.  You can get on Pinterest, but please don’t be overwhelmed or start the dreaded comparing game.  Just pick one idea this year.Thanksgiving art by kids 4

My only caution is that you make sure and DATE the artwork.  I didn’t sometimes, and that makes me sad!  Also make sure that you write down WHO did the artwork.  Forgot to do that sometimes, too!

So the Sursee for today.  Pick one art project.

Sit with your kids and enjoy the process.

Sign and date it.

Then Be thankful! No comparing with the Pinterest World.  Just be content and remember there are years to do all the projects you can dream up or find online.  Mozart died with symphonies in his head.

Can’t wait to see what you come up with and the art that will grace your house today and in the future.  Do tell.



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