Let’s Release Some Energy

If you are like me, your closet gets fatter and fuller every few months.  Where are all these outfits coming from and why is it so hard to clean out our closets?    Are you ready to release some energy? Are you ready for some big time freedom in your life?  Well, I have a plan for you and all it entails is thirty minutes, a little determination and a trash bag.  Or two. 

Yes, it is time to clean out your closet.  Time to get rid of that t-shirt with the drippy stain down the front or the skirt that is too long.  Time to toss the pants that used to fit or fit kind of weird, but you don’t want to get rid of them because if you did, then you wouldn’t have any black pants.
I know, I know- it is hard. You want to be a good steward.  You want to wear that shirt someone gave you that doesn’t really fit or you never really liked because it seems frugal and right and good to keep it.  Wasteful people get rid of stuff.
Really though it is wasteful to hold onto things that no longer fit or you never wear.
What I am saying is, you need to clean out and release that closet energy into your life.   I like looking in my closet after a closet cleaning and seeing order and outfits I really like.
Some of you might need a friend to come over and  help you.  A true friend, who will look you in the eye and say, “outta here” when you hold up the dress from ten years ago that you have been saving.  Or tell you,” I don’t think so,” when  you argue that this jacket is a classic.
I do think it is ok to have a bag that you save stuff in, just in case you change your mind.  But I will tell you this, you won’t. You will never get into that bag again.  And remember some of those items will bless someone else who has nothing!
Another trick I have used is:
 I get to keep this sweater one more season, and then I have to get rid of it. 
That helps me.  I don’t know why really, but maybe you could try it.  And then make sure you do get rid of it at the end of the season.
One other Closet Cleaning Rule
You get to override the friend three times.  
That’s it.  She gets the other 97.  So make sure you choose wisely.
Once you let go of some of these artifacts in your closet you will feel the released energy.  You will gain freedom from letting go of stuff.
Now when you go into your closet to decide what to wear, you will love all your clothes.  I am not kidding.  You will be excited to see some space between hangars.  You won’t have to wrestle out that white blouse with the ruffle cascading down because it will slip right out. And it won’t be wrinkled.  Another plus of a cleaned out closet.
A cleaned out closet also helps you know what you need to make your outfits sing!  A new tank? A new black turtleneck?  Something to go with those brown pants?
New outfits will appear. New opportunities. A new you!  Are you brave enough to take the Closet Cleaning Challenge?  Are you brave enough to invite a friend to help you?
What a sursee  to have energy released into your closet and life.  I can see the sparks flying now!


  1. Love it! Cleaning out energizes me! I like to say “when it doubt, throw out!” It’s freeing! Now, if I could just find the strength and time… HA!

  2. I remembered how to spell “sursee” so I found your blog. Love it. Thanks for the encouragement! I am currently tossing extra pillow cases out of my linen closet. Why do the pillow cases always hang around my house when the sheet sets are long gone? When I take these orphaned pillow cases to a thrift store, will anyone want them? Maybe I should tear them up and make cleaning rags out of them? Maybe I should turn them into more “green” sacks for my groceries. Maybe I should get off the computer and go back to sorting my orphan cases…

  3. Thanks for the sursees, friend….the ones posted here and the one you gave me yesterday. I enjoyed our time together, as usual. You are such a blessing to me and SO many others. Maybe you could be that friend that comes over to help me clean out my closet??? I am terrible at making those decisions. And I selfishly want more time with you…so that would work for me 😉 Keep sharing your great ideas and inspirations, my friend. Love you.

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