Lettuce on a Sandwich :: Lessons in Hospitality

So I was laughing this morning with two girlfriends about an amazing  memory we shared.  The memory? The memory was that our one friend offered us both lettuce for our sandwich once when we were at her house.

Why is that amazing?  Well, mainly because I don’t take the trouble to get the lettuce out of the veggie drawer when it is just me.  Or even  just me and my kids.   But,  I felt so loved when she offered me lettuce for my sandwich that day at her house.   I felt really LOVED.

That is what hospitality looks like- it is putting lettuce on your guest’s sammy.

Hospitality looks like lettuce


Then I remembered this same gal french pressed coffee for us.  Wow-zah.  I didn’t even know how to do that before that morning.  What a SURSEE.

I bet you want to go to her house now, don’t you?

These memories made me stop and ponder.

A little careful thought when making a sandwich.  A cup of coffee that has been french-pressed.  Hospitality.

A small kindness like using a special, beautiful cup to serve your coffee.  A special plate for my Oreo.  A fresh flower in the bathroom.  A glass of sparkling water with lime.  Hospitality and love.

These are all lessons in hospitality and loving others well.

It doesn’t have to be much.  Why do we always think it has to be some Herculean effort or Martha Stewart-Sized Scene?

 Lettuce on a sandwich = Love.

What SURSEE can you do for a friend who comes over?  What is something little you could do to make your guest feel extra special? What can you do for your husband or kids that will make them feel loved?

Remember, something easy = Hospitality = Love.


  1. Love this! I have been thinking a lot about ‘going the extra mile’ into parenting. Even just little things. It really does make a difference to the person being served. Thanks, Leslie.

    • Yes, m’am. It does make a difference and I know you are doing a great job!
      Love the new Etsy site.

  2. I learned this one very young, my mom is the queen of hospitality! Love the plate, I have a set if those too. Seeing the family this next week, and I’ve been planning out my “sursee” all week. Thanks for all the helpful info.

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