Living a great story

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We all are living a story.

Our church has a series going on where people share their story each Sunday.  Our pastor is always saying we all have a story and that we need to ask people to share their story and be ready to tell our own story.

I love that idea of my life being a story because of course, I love stories.

One of the book shelves in the Creative Room

When I  homeschooled I made sure that I read, read, read to the boys because I knew that was important and lasting. Really people, what is better than snuggling on the couch with four little boys reading?   Can’t think of much.

 I recently learned about the concept that we are all story formed by the great works that we read. I love that idea that we are walking around with words and phrases and story lines swirling and pumping in our veins.  Stories that manipulate how we live or how we think.

Not only are we formed by the stories we read, we also are formed by the stories we hear as we meet new people.  One piece of advice I give  to kids going off to college is to look for the story in everyone you meet. Don’t be put off.  Remember when you look in that new person’s eyes that they have a story to tell and look for ways to read it.  Ask them questions. Draw that story out.  I promise them they won’t be disappointed when they do this.

 How many times have you heard someone’s story and been amazed by God’s grace or  just encouraged? I love hearing a story shared as I make a new friend because I often make a judgement about someone and then hearing their story, understand more of God’s creativity, beauty and faithfulness.

We also have our own story to share.  We have the Good News to share of what the Lord has done in our own lives that people need to hear.  Jesus spoke in parables and stories because He understood how we are formed by them.

How do we share with others?  Share what God is teaching you-how He is working in your everydayness.  Talk about how the stories you read in the scripture change the way you think and live.  What a great SURSEE.

So today make sure you are living a great story and then share that story with others.  I challenge you to look for the SURSEE of the story in all you meet.  And do tell me about it.


  1. Is this creative room in your house? Oh my…I am coveting, is that Childhood of Famous Americans series, that I see?!!!

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