Look what I saw on vacation

Traveling is always great fun.  Experiencing new cities, towns, views.  Peeking into gardens, seeing what grows.  Eating the yumminess of the region.

I also like the signs you see. Here are a few that I want to share with you from my recent trip to Charleston.

love this tile!
This was cemented into the threshold of a new store on the main drag.  I love the romance of the old five and dime with the wooden floors and the waft of popcorn and all things trinkety to see.

When was the last time you have seen this sign?  It was posted in a stable, where the beautiful draft horses that pull the charming carriages, are kept  I guess the chicken we saw in the hay was this attack chicken.  I am scared!

Who knew this fun fact?  The word Pecan is from an Indian word meaning a “Tough Nut to Crack.”
Love learning the meanings of words.

And here is what the gum package declared:

Practice safe breath, please!
Last sign, in front of a floral shoppe.  (love saying shoppe, sounds so British and elegant)
I also love chalkboards!
I couldn’t agree more!

So can you share a SURSEE that you saw in a sign?  Wouldn’t that be a fun contest to have?

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