The Magic Tool

I am going to tell you a secret.  A secret about a cooking tool  that is so, so easy to use, and you will thank me.  You know when you cut brownies either warmed or cooled and they wad up on the end of your knife, and there are brownie guts everywhere?  Well, I am going to show you a way to do that without all the mess.  Now some of you will be sad because you like that brownie goo. You have convinced yourself that there are no calories in that little bit of brownie gradu (pronounced: “grah doo”).

This is Brownie Gradu which is usually what you get when you cut your brownies.

 So what is the magic tool?


The Plastic Knife. 

When you get ready to cut your brownies, dig around in your drawers and find a plastic knife.  It slices right through warm or cooled brownies and gives you perfectly, cut edges.

Plastic Knife-no gradu and nicely cut edges

Regular Knife-jagged, unkempt edges with wads of gradu that you have to eat to clean it up.
I am sure there is a reason for this miracle- some chemistry formula or something.  I just don’t know what it is.
So there, friends, is my handy, dandy Sursee for the day.  A kitchen tool that will solve one of your biggest problems, and save you a few calories.


  1. This post cracks me up! I’ll be sure and add “gradu” to the book of Leslie’s madeup words.

  2. How did you like it when I defined it, like it is a real word! I mean it is. Kind of. I especially liked my French spelling of it.

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