Make Summer Different

Hello all.  Long time no see.  But today is the first day of my new summer mantra.

Make Summer Different.

I was challenged by my great and wonderful mentor to, “make summer different.”

“What?”  I thought.  “How could I do that?  I am the one who walks around with arms bent at elbows singing, “Tradiiiiiitioooon, tradition…buh, buh, buh, TRADITION!” in my most Tevye of voice styles.

Seriously, I have this image in my head…

So to think of doing something differently this summer and taking something out, made me SCARED.
And then as I thought about it, kind of excited.  Then I was  thinking of all kinds of ways to make it different.  Uh-Oh…hold back the ideas, gal.  Think of a FEW things and do them.

What will that be?  Open up the present of summer and see what is under the wrapping paper.

I usually take all the things I normally do and add all the summer things on top—ack.  Too much, missie.

So, I have bowed out of some commitments and encouraged those committers to do something different.  I have pulled out some books to read and have started reading.
Ditto on craft projects that I never have time to do.

How fun when we all get back together and listen to stories of what we did.  EEKKK> that makes me excited.

So the sursee for the day- Make your summer different.  Tell me what you did.  And I will tell you what I am going to do.

But that will be for another bloggy day.

Now, I am off to make supper.

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