Mentoring Matters :: An Easy Definition of a Mentor

Picture a twisting, winding path. Picture two women walking, but one is a little further down the path about to turn a corner.  Before she turns she looks back and sees the woman behind her struggling, bowed down by the weight of her doubts or fears- her life.  
Instead of turning the corner and walking away, the woman further down the path turns around and goes back to the struggling woman and joins her.   
Mentoring is as simple and complex as this word picture.  Two women walking together along the path we call life.  Side by side, just sharing life.  And leaving no one behind.  An older woman further down the path turning around, walking back and joining a younger woman on the journey.  Joining her not to tell her what to do, but joining her to encourage.  To listen.  To remind the younger woman to go back to the truth that she knows.  To listen and be the one who says, “Yes, I remember that.”  To remind the younger woman that she is not alone.  To point her back to Jesus and remind her in Him she has all that she needs and He is walking with her, too. 
As women we need to hear that we are not alone.  This is often the magical moment when friendships are cemented.  The simple declaration that I understand or I remember, and I will walk with you- this is mentoring. 

So the SURSEE today is are you Mentoring or being Mentored?  We should all be doing both….let me know.



  1. I so wish for this. We moved to a new area close to a year ago. I have made a few friends that have children the same age as mine (I have one little man who is 10). But I long for a godly woman who has walked the tweens and teens before to talk with and glean from. On the other side, I have a neighbor who has smaller children than I do and we have talked from time to time. I think perhaps inviting her over is in order. I feel so ill-equipped to be a mentor though. Sigh…. Plus I am naturally introverted which makes it harder to branch out and start those conversations.

    • Hey gal,
      I know that it sounds scary to reach out, but your neighbor will love it and so will you as your friendship blooms. Invite and let God do the rest. As for a mentor for you, look around your church and ask someone to meet you for coffee and talk. Be brave, gal. Keep asking until you find someone that says yes!

  2. Oh I love this! Yes. I am being mentored by my youth small group leader, a writer friend (who you saw at Declare), and my mom. I am mentoring a group of 12-13 year old girls, and have been since they were 9-10. 🙂

    • So proud of you, Madeline. Love that you are mentoring and being mentored. I also like how you have several mentors in different life stages. You are one wise gal! xoxo

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