Mentoring Matters- Time at Allume

Just returned from the  Allume Blogging conference and it was a beautiful, wonder-full time away with 434 of my closest friends.  Really.  But people, I have to say that that was a load of women in one room.

Over the weekend, I started seeing familiar faces as we passed each other in the halls and sat together in seminars.  I enjoyed sitting with new people at each meal and hearing about their blogs and their dreams and sometimes their hurts and sorrows.

Ann Voskamp and Maureen

Ann Voskamp and Maureen!

My friend, Maureen, went with me and we laughed and guffawed our way through the weekend.  We also did us some mentoring.

What does that look like?  Well it looks like loving on the gal sitting next to you and hearing her story.  It was praying for someone late at night and then finding out the next day her name wasn’t Jennifer it was Jessica!

Ack!- hello old age and bad eyes and memory.

An aside-Maureen had lost her glasses and was no help. (She did find them on the last day in the lost and found and was able to share God’s goodness with the Concierge)

But back to the mentoring story, Jessica was gracious to me and we agreed the Lord heard and knew who I meant.  In my defense, our nametags were hanging really low and it was awkward to do the quick name check.  And it also seemed like everyone there was named Jennifer…just not Jessica.

Mentoring also looks like being real and honest about my life with someone younger.

Or encouraging the gal to keep on doing the next thing.

And encouraging her to ask for help.

Mentoring is checking that she is spending time with Jesus so her heart can be refreshed and renewed .  Starting your day with Him gets you ready for the chaos of the day.

Here is my precious friend, Heather, who writes at God Centered Mom.  She is a great writer and encourager and mentors me in my Blogging Gals group back home with Jacki and Sarah.  

my friend, Heather

my friend, Heather

 She is my hero and the reason I ended up at Allume.

Crying together, laughing together, learning together- this all looks like mentoring.  For me, Mentoring at Allume was definitely the SURSEE  this go around.  What does mentoring look like to you?






  1. To me, mentoring looks like a wise person, who offers, advice, love, inspiration, and the words, to lift you up when your struggling. For me this is my Aunt Leshlie! You always have a way of make it all more clear, and making sure I know God is always in the middle of it! Super excited about the new changes, cant wait to see more!

  2. you are a gift. I’m so thankful God provided in allowing you a chance to feed another younger mom’s soul while at Allume. Exactly what you had been praying for!! He sees us and knows our hearts’ desires. Writing a blog doesn’t have to be an isolating thing…it can bring us to a place of new community…all the way in Greenville, SC!! muah!!

  3. It was wonderful to meet you at Allume! I can see why Heather speaks so highly of you. 🙂

  4. I have been so blessed to have some wonderful mentoring in my life. For me, I’m thinking of a couple of women (one whom shall remain nameless :)) that have listened to me, prayed for me, and have helped me to become the person God wants me to be. And are also not afraid to call me out when I’m in sin, and yet encourage me to walk in the victory I have in Christ! I love them!

    • I love all the active verbs you listed: listened, prayed, helped, called me out,encouraged! It is not rocket science and we all can do this! Thanks for the reminders, Jacki. I might have to post on this now- you have inspired and mentored me!

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