Mentoring Matters :: What Does It Look Like to Celebrate Advent with Older Kids ?

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I think sometimes online there is a dearth of information about what life looks like in a house full of tweens and teens.  So many write about the days when the kids are little, but not so much about when the ages of their kids end in “teen”.

I can understand why.  Parenting teens is tricky and twisty and not always so spelled out.  I knew what to do when they were little and were nursing or toddling.  What about later when they are driving and kissing and grumping and then suddenly sweet and needing a hug? Sheesh.  Not so easy.  Not so much conversation online.

So when my friend, Jacki , from The Jesse Tree Project, asked me to write about what it looked like to celebrate Advent when I had older kids, I said yes.  Here are a few words from someone further down the road.  Or maybe we are on the same road and you need a little encouragement that you did a good job.  Clap, Clap. Gold Star for you, Mom! Go over and read the rest of this article on The Jesse Tree


  1. Leslie–thanks so much for sharing your heart with us. I especially like the reminder that they will not always remember everything we say but they will remember what we do more. It’s the love behind what we do that they will remember. Praying I can walk faithfully in the little things this holiday season remembering to fix my eyes on Him and not on everything around me….creating intentional, meaningful, fun memories!

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