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Craig and I recently were sent on a Missionary Care trip.  What is that you might ask?   Well, we were sent by our church to go visit two different missionary couples that our church supports.  We spent time with them listening and encouraging. We saw where they worked and lived.  We ate with them. Prayed with them.  Were loved on by them, too!   We were so blessed by the trip and learned mucho about loving on people.

But let me back up.  Before I left, I tried to make contact with the gals and find out a little bit more about them.  Things like what is your favorite candy or music? What is going on in your world and shared a little about my world.  We traded stories and photos of our families and made the first connections.

Packing up for the trip included purchasing some special Sursees to stuff in my suitcase for my new friends.  That was a fun assignment…picking  Sursees that were packable and that would also be an encouragement to the gals and the guys.  Remember, a Sursee is  an unexpected surprise that brings joy. Usually something little.  Perfect for packing on an overseas trip.

Pecans made the list for one couple.  I took several bags of nuttiness. Yum-oh.

A special dark chocolate candy bar.  My favorite pen.  A journal. A lego set for a little guy. Fun! Easy. Little things to brighten their day.

I also packed an Ann Voskamp devotional book for each of the gals.   A friend had given me this book for Christmas last year and I have so enjoyed it.  The chapters are  numbered 1-31 and it is just the right amount of reading for a devotional.  This book is basically Ann’s One Thousand Gifts book broken into bite sized chunks.  The book also has numbered lines in the back, a handy dandy place to add your daily thankfuls.  I wasn’t sure if the gals knew about the book but figured it would be a blessing either way.

I arrived at my new friend’s home with Sursees galore and we had fun each day as I handed out the little surprises.  The second gal was also intrigued with the ideas of Sursees and by the end, both were giving me a little Sursee  or two to take home.

International Sursees

Sursees go International!  Woo-hoo! For me the Sursees served as a way to connect.  And everyone wants to feel connected and none more so than those far, far away from home.

I learned that taking care of missionaries is about connections and relationship.

Taking care of missionaries is about listening and listening and then listening some more.  And then, not trying to fix.  I really asked the Lord to help me with this one and found myself growing in this area.  Was I perfect?  Not so much, but gals we are looking for progress not perfection.

So friend, here is the Sursee for today. Let’s all do some missionary care.  You don’t have to travel halfway across the world like I did.  I am sure you have a missionary in your church that you know.  If not, could you make a connection this year with a missionary from your church?

Once you have the initial connection with the gal,  then start connecting.

We can stay connected  through letters, emails, phone calls, texts, Skype. I learned that there is a free App called, WhatsApp that allows you to text internationally for free over wifi! Woo-hoo.

Maybe if we each reached out to the missionaries that God has placed in our path, we would reach them all.  Kind of like the starfish story where the daddy and child walking along the beach and see all the starfish that are washed up on the shore.  The starfish need to be in the water to live but there are so many- it seems impossible to the child to make a difference.  The daddy starts to throw one starfish back into the gentle waves.  Then another. He tells the child, hey, I can’t save all these starfish, but I can toss one at at time and make a difference.

Serving in a foreign country, being far from extended family, living in different culture are all hard.  Connections to home feed the soul and are life giving  Can you be the connection? The one here who prays and writes and checks in?    Let’s be the kindred spirit who cares to stay connected. Let’s encourage one another to reach out and make a new friend who is being sent out as a missionary and then keep up with them over the miles.

Do tell how you are doing that in the comments below.  We all need to hear the stories and see the Sursees you are seeing.


Funky Flowers in Bandung

These plants were in the house in an atrium area. Amazing.




  1. Beautiful summary of an amazing trip. I love seeing how this has not only broadened and deepened your walk with the Lord, but also how you’re encouraging us (your Sursee-ettes!) to reach out to those in the Missions field. The blessings of your and Craig’s visit will ripple through those two communities in ways you will never know.
    Love you bunches… Bee

    • Oh gal, You are the best! Love your encouragement and can’t wait to see how others will love on missionaries. Love the new name Sursee-ettes- must use soon! xoxo

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