Mistakes, dogs and grace

Making mistakes is part of living.  But, I really don’t like it.  Does anyone?

Just wanted to give you a little insight into my last  few weeks and the SURSEE of a phone call…

First, a little backgound.

Our dog died back in December.

Thinking we needed to get a new dog while the boys were home, we purchased a miniature dachshund.

Cute, sweet, but we didn’t count the cost.

Dachshunds are hard to potty train + We are entering empty nesting stage = Not the right dog for us.

Basic question I kept asking myself:

Can I make a mistake?  Is there grace for me?

A friend knows someone who raises dachshunds. Has bunches of them.

 My friend just met dachshund mamma.

My friend makes the phone call, and the gal wants the dog. Woo-Hoo!

Can I make a mistake?  Is there grace for me?

Next day we have the Dachshund Drop Off.  Of course, Gatsby is a perfect angel all morning, sitting so perky right under my chair and being on his best behavior, sending me into waves of doubt and distress .  But when the phone rings, and they say they are ready for him, we know it is the right thing to do.

Well, mostly sure.
The Bear is sure, me not so much, but we drop him off with all his paraphernalia.

 Can I make a mistake?  Is there grace for me?

They ooh and ahh over him…he’s a beauty.

 And bam, Gatsby is off to his new home in dachshund land.

Can I make a mistake?  Is there grace for me?

I know this saga might sound a little silly to some of you, but I really struggled with this.  What kind of person gives away their dog?

But I am reminded that God is gracious and loving.

God provided the perfect home for Gatsby- a family that loves dachshunds and has a daughter who wants one.  
It is ok to make mistakes.  And, God does have grace for me.

Waking up the next morning, hearing the thunder and gentle rain falling, the Bear and I high five that we don’t have to go out into the elements with the Divo Dog.

“He is playing on the ranch with all his friends.” said the Bear. Ahh, so fun, I think.

Later that day, I receive this from the new owner.

Gatsby is happy and is playing on the dachshund ranch, and I have learned an important lesson.

It is ok to make a mistake. 

 I am not perfect. I know that sounds ridiculous, but hey, we all think we are at times, right?

God always has a plan.

Freedom and Grace walk hand in hand when you are walking with Him.

I am happy. The Bear is happy.  Gatsby is really happy.

Freedom.  Mistakes made.  Grace received.  A new day.

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