Musings on Life and Blogging~ A letter to you!

Dear friends,

I have been out of town for a few weeks and just now coming up for air.  Re-Entry is what a friend and I call it, and sometimes it can be rough.  Trying to take it easy though.

I have loads on my mind and want to write about 5 blogs simultaneously.  Not sure that is a good idea.

Did want to share with you that I am going to a blogging conference soon.  Ack!  A little nervous.  Really a lot nervous, but as I read blurbs from other conference attendees, I see this nervous thread is very common.

We all get nervous when we have to meet new people and wonder what they think of us…I just forget that the other gal is thinking the same thing about me.  It doesn’t seem possible that she might be just as nervous as I am.  Really?  But I think she is.

The  Declare Conference  is coming up for me in August, and I am excited to learn and meet and dream and scheme.  This blogging thing is interesting and exciting to me.  I just feel like I have loads to learn.  Some of the techy things eat my lunch.  I compare to others and think I fall short.  I read other’s writings  and think, I have felt that way, too.

Not sure where this blog is going to take me and I am the kind of person that likes to know where I am going, so I feel a little nervous right now.   But, I am ready to learn.  Try new things.  Be stretched a little or a lot.

I think the Lord wants all of us to do this, whatever we are facing… What are you having to try that is new?  Oh, and would you like to come with me to Declare?  It would be such fun!



  1. yay!!!! roomie!! So thankful you are coming to Declare AND so proud of you for this post…in your awesome, so very Leslie, voice. woot!

    • Thank you, encourager! I felt like I was making myself sick as I thought about Declare and all I don’t know about blogging, twitter, linkie-loos and whatever else blogalicious. And then I realized, this is going to be fun- chill.
      And trust! We are going to have such fun rooming… YaY!

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