My Cup Overflows

Recently I received this from a friend.

I hung it in my kitchen by our coffee maker to remind me every day.  I still forget.  I need to be reminded.
While lunching with a friend yesterday, she commented on how our cups are filled and overflowing.  I nodded, um hmm, yes.
When I returned home, I saw my art work and was reminded, yes, indeed, My cup does overflow.
I need to be reminded over and over of all the blessings He has given me.  That He fills my cup.  That He is faithful and good.  I need to remind others of this truth.
I think that is one of the reasons I want to blog.  To share the ways my cup overflows. To remind you. To remind me.  God knows I am frail and need reminding and need big pictures of His grace toward me.
So remind someone today that his or her cup overflows.  Remind yourself.  It is a SURSEE we all need.

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