My Summertime Goal :: 20 Minutes Everyday


My summertime goal

A Summertime goal for me is 20 Minutes Everday.

20 Minutes of reading,

of memorizing the Word,

of writing,

of walking,

of playing the piano,

of cleaning out,

of stretching or lifting weights,

of gardening.

20 minutes everyday adds up.  Over a two days, a week, a month.

20 minutes everyday is doable.

20 minutes fits me this summer.

I can do 20 minutes everyday.

If I just do 20 minutes, then I will see results this summer. A SURSEE for sure.

What about you?  What are you going to do for 20 minutes everyday  this summer?  Do tell.  It encourages me to hear how you will use your 20 Minutes?




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