One way to lift your spirits today

You know how listening to a song can change your mood and spirits? Well today was one of those days.  I listened to this song about a kajillion times and with each listen, my spirit lifted.  I remembered what was true. And good.  And lovely.

I was sucked into the melody and something released in my spirit, and I connected with the Lord.  Music does that to me.  You?  What songs do you connect with when you are down or need a pick-up?

It is good to Praise you, Lord is what keeps swirling around me as I listen, and it changes me from the inside out.  I love how this song is based on scripture and helps me memorize His word from Psalm 92.

It talks about how we are to proclaim His love in the morning and His faithfulness at night.  Pretty much covers the day!  This is what I am thinking about today.  I think this little Sursee might be just what you need today.

Give her a listen and let your spirits lift no matter what is happening around you.




  1. Dear SURSEE GAL,
    Thank you for sharing this wonderful song and ushering me into PRAISING my LORD this morning. I am encouraged to proclaim HIS LOVE in the morning and HIS FAITHFULNESS at night. To let my lifelong SONG RISE before HIM in PRAISE.
    Because you shared this, I am doing this. Thank you for encouraging and leading me and so many others to the ONE that gives LIFE and HOPE.
    Blessings & Thanks,

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