Start Your Day Doing the Hard Things // Flip-Flop Your Day

I have a huge Sursee for you today.  I heard this idea recently from two people.  First from my husband and then yesterday from a dear friend. Flip your day.  Start with the hard things first. The conversation with Craig went like this.  He told me … [Continue reading]

Mentoring Moment :: Embrace the Children God Gave You

... so that they may encourage the young women to love their husbands, to love their children Titus 2:4   In Titus, the older women are encouraged to remind the younger women to love their husband and love their children.  We all need that … [Continue reading]

Sursees for the Soul

I am cleaning out my house Marie Kondo style right now. And of course I am coming across so many funny and poignant things and also some ridiculous things like these. I love these Hulk Hands- yes, there are two.  Not sure why I saved them. … [Continue reading]

Sursee Gal Needs to Read

Y'all know that I love goals.  I like making them.  Talking about them.  Asking you about yours and sometimes even making goals for you! Haha. But I discovered this year whilst making my 2016 Goals, that I make the same goal almost every year. … [Continue reading]

Scripture Journal :: One Way I Battle the Negs

    Yesterday I wrote about an idea for a Scripture Journal that has helped me spend time with the Lord when I feel out of sorts or just need an easy way to get into the Word of God.  Today I want to share some of the verses I use … [Continue reading]

My Little Scripture Journal

    I received a message from a reader asking me what verses do I put in my Scripture Journal that I mentioned on the God Centered Mom Podcast.  Specifically, she asked for verses that help battle negative self-talk. So let's … [Continue reading]

Yummy Pomodoro Sauce

  Realized I have not written a recipe blog in awhile. So, here goes. When we were in Italia we never ate spaghetti like we had here.  It was so much better.  Real tasting.  Real tomato tasting, a silky yummy sauce that tasted so fresh. I … [Continue reading]

Mentoring Moment :: You Have What You Need

  You have what you need.  I am thinking here about wisdom for living.  Being a friend.  A wife.  A mom.  A neighbor. Just being YOU. You have what you need to live.  You just have to receive it.  But let's go back a few years ago to a … [Continue reading]

Reading the Chronological Bible in 2016 :: Finding the Sursees

Y'all have heard me talk about reading through the Bible using the Chronological Bible before, I know.  But I just have to toot its horn one more time. I have received some emails/messages from friends about how do I do it over and over OR what do I … [Continue reading]

How to make authentic friendships with your kids in tow

I was on the God Centered Mom podcast recently talking about friendships and wanted to write a little more about some of the things I did when my kids were younger in the area of friendship with other women. As I was talking with Heather, a flood … [Continue reading]