Flip-Flop :: Loving the Home You Have

I love the word flip-flop.  It is so active and fun and celebratory.  I used it in this post about doing the hard things first in my day, and how that clicked with me. Today I am going to use it to show an active way you can love your home.  Our … [Continue reading]

Embrace the Family God Created You To Be

One thing that helped me embrace my family was to take time to reflect on how God created me and my husband.  What were we like and what did we like?  Take the time to discover this and then Embrace the creative way God made you. Do you love … [Continue reading]

Start Your Day Doing the Hard Things // Flip-Flop Your Day

I have a huge Sursee for you today.  I heard this idea recently from two people.  First from my husband and then yesterday from a dear friend. Flip your day.  Start with the hard things first. The conversation with Craig went like this.  He told me … [Continue reading]

Mentoring Moment :: Embrace the Children God Gave You

... so that they may encourage the young women to love their husbands, to love their children Titus 2:4   In Titus, the older women are encouraged to remind the younger women to love their husband and love their children.  We all need that … [Continue reading]

Sursees for the Soul

I am cleaning out my house Marie Kondo style right now. And of course I am coming across so many funny and poignant things and also some ridiculous things like these. I love these Hulk Hands- yes, there are two.  Not sure why I saved them. … [Continue reading]

Sursee Gal Needs to Read

Y'all know that I love goals.  I like making them.  Talking about them.  Asking you about yours and sometimes even making goals for you! Haha. But I discovered this year whilst making my 2016 Goals, that I make the same goal almost every year. … [Continue reading]

Scripture Journal :: One Way I Battle the Negs

    Yesterday I wrote about an idea for a Scripture Journal that has helped me spend time with the Lord when I feel out of sorts or just need an easy way to get into the Word of God.  Today I want to share some of the verses I use … [Continue reading]

My Little Scripture Journal

    I received a message from a reader asking me what verses do I put in my Scripture Journal that I mentioned on the God Centered Mom Podcast.  Specifically, she asked for verses that help battle negative self-talk. So let's … [Continue reading]

Yummy Pomodoro Sauce

  Realized I have not written a recipe blog in awhile. So, here goes. When we were in Italia we never ate spaghetti like we had here.  It was so much better.  Real tasting.  Real tomato tasting, a silky yummy sauce that tasted so fresh. I … [Continue reading]

Mentoring Moment :: You Have What You Need

  You have what you need.  I am thinking here about wisdom for living.  Being a friend.  A wife.  A mom.  A neighbor. Just being YOU. You have what you need to live.  You just have to receive it.  But let's go back a few years ago to a … [Continue reading]